Theodore Payne Thurston
Louis John Gill
The Grounds
The Interior of the House
Rentals and Miscellaneous

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Payne_Thurston 1867 -1941.  He spent his life in and dedicated to the Episcopal Church.

He went directly from a church academy to college and rector positions until he obtained his doctorate.  As a rector he was extremely successful; rapidly increasing the size of his churches and being promoted to successively larger churches each year.  In 1911 when he graduated with a doctorate, he was moved to Oklahoma and consecrated a Bishop.

At that time he was named Bishop of Eastern Oklahoma, which was when the Indian territory was opened.  When the first Bishop of Oklahoma left that position, his position was united with the original Bishop of Oklahoma position and he became the second Bishop of Oklahoma.

In that role he worked tirelessly, to the extent of broken health.  A rest break was insufficient for him to recover and in 1927 he was officially retired at age 60.

In 1928, this house was built for him by the Episcopal church. They must have thought awfully well of him.